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Blonde and gray hair requires special care and products to help support and maintain its beautiful color and lustre. To provide exceptional care with maximum condition and shine, TRUSS Professional has launched their new Blond Line, a hair care range which contains hydrating active ingredients with violet pigments designed to neutralize orange tones in blonde and bleached hair.


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Blond Mask:
  • Bio Affinity Complex: provides photo-nutrients that repair damaged hair cuticles, restoring hair damaged by chemical processes or environmental issues (UV rays, wind, excessive use of hot tools). Restores strength, resistance and natural flexibility, promoting stronger and softer hair. Promotes long-lasting shine, prevents split ends, forms protective layer and prevents discoloration.
  • Nano Repair: acts as a cement inside of the hair fiber and at the same time acts as a shine adhesive on the cuticles.
  • Wheat Protein: Contains vegetable peptides derived from wheat. Protects and assists in restoring hair’s natural flexibility.
  • Tahiti Monoi Oil: 100% natural vegetable-based oil from French Polynesia. Rich in Essential Omegas and Vitamin E. Antioxidant, restores and moisturizes deeply.
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant, free radicals protection and anti-aging action. Protects from sunlight damage due to being a humectant. Assists in hair growth and hair loss prevention.
  • Vitamin F: Maintains healthy hair. When combined with Pantothenic Acid, decelerates loss of pigment in the hair. Revitalizes dry and damaged hair.
  • Lipo nutrient: restores hair fiber’s lipid fractions, prevents chemical damage, improves softness, texture and softness in fragile hair. Restores the delicate bio- protective layer of the scalp, often damaged by chemicals. Phospholipids complex, Glycolipids, Vitamin F and sterols from soy .
  • Illipe butter: Exotic fruit from the Pacific Islands. Rich in fatty acids that helps maintain the structure of ceramides (lipids) to maintain hair hydration. Restores hair elasticity.
  • Blend of Violet Pigments: act to neutralize orange tones in blonde and bleached hair, and yellow tones in gray hair.