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This travel kit is practical and efficient and has 3 functions: It moisturizes, nourishes and restores hair. It Increases durability of treatments done in the salon, protects both colored and natural hair. It consists on a shock repair treatment done during shower in only 7 minutes to recover a fragile hair that has been compromised by chemical processes.


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Includes 1 Each:
Biodimensional Shampoo 3.51 oz.
Intensive Restore 3.51 oz.
Extra Treatment 3.51 oz.

This powerful trio contains a number of beneficial, key ingredients such as Keratin, Collagen, Creatine, Panthenol, Phospholipids, as well as the proprietary Truss 3D Glow System, 7 Miracle Oil Blend, and Nano Repair.

Truss is dedicated to providing solutions that support strong, motivated, on-the-go women, who want an effective hair regime that enhances their looks and busy lifestyle. The results of #CRAZYFORTRUSS speak for themselves. All women, although very different from one another, have one thing in common – they love taking care of their appearance, especially their hair and want it in optimal condition.

With the #CRAZYFORTRUSS Mini Hydration Kit, a salon client is able to continue achieve and maintain the beautiful results of in-salon treatments at home. The products are ideal for all hair types and textures as well as for color-treated, chemically-treated or natural hair.

Indicated use: weekly use for any type of damaged hair.